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Project Description

Cyclists Welcome!

Cycling to Pension Schmidt

Why do you not just make the journey to Pension Schmidt an experience? You are welcome if you arrive by bike! But you don’t have to cycle all the way – just take the regional park shuttle with bicycle trailer by a rail station (for example Hamburg-Neugraben), or come by the station Klecken (“HVV-Großbereich” at HVV, the Hamburg Public Transport Association) or by the Regional-Train-Station “Buchholz in der Nordheide”.

Below we show you the journeys as cycling maps planning. If you travel by free shuttle Regional Park, you can get off at various stations, for example at the Townhall in Nenndorf.

Keine IFrames

Free leisure bus with bicycle trailer

Pension Schmidt is not only in the District of Harburg and in the metropolitan region of Hamburg! We are also on the northern edge of the Lüneburg Heath in the regional Park Rosengarten. So much ‘wilderness’ and close to city at once is a great thing. We know that, and our guests appreciate that …

The „Regionalpark Rosengarten e.V.“ operates a free bike bus, linking town and country every summer on weekends.

The flyer with map and departure times is linked here: